Rent office space in Airport City Stockholm

Are you looking for office space to rent in Stockholm? Rent office space for your company in Airport City Stockholm. It is the Sweden’s first Airport City being built around Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The proximity to Stockholm Arlanda makes Airport City Stockholm unique in Sweden. Airports around the world are hubs for meetings between people. Airport cities are especially suitable places in which to run businesses and set up new operations.

Between Stockholm and Uppsala

Located 20 minutes from Stockholm and 20 minutes from Uppsala, Airport City Stockholm is in the middle of the fastest growing region in Sweden. Clusters focused on business development, research and education are rapidly expanding. The area includes newly built properties, refurbished premises and neighbourhoods that feature a wide variety of businesses. In other words, there are good opportunities here for companies both large and small to grow and develop.

Establishing a business in close proximity to Stockholm Arlanda – the hub providing access to Sweden and the rest of the world – has many advantages. The area is characterised by strong growth and an infectious drive. Meetings between commercial interests and for research or education create an attractive environment for all types of companies. Newly built properties, refurbished premises and areas that suit both large and small companies are all found here.

Office space in Sky City

The key sections of the airport city around Sky City are dominated by office premises. A gradual change in the area is under way, with the development of a new hotel and a new office complex. An attractive cityscape filled with people as well as green oases is taking shape. The developed city centre will offer a pleasant mix of workplaces, restaurants, cafés and other places for meetings.

Commercial real estate

In the neighbourhoods beyond the city centre, operations in research, business development and education are expanding at full speed. In Airport City Stockholm, there is a cluster focused on the automotive industry, where everything from research to testing and training facilities can be found. Another neighbourhood is focused on logistics. These neighbourhoods on the outskirts are perfect for companies that have a great need for space for their operations but still want a workplace close to the city centre and Sweden’s transport hub.

A clear focus on the environment is integral to the construction of Airport City Stockholm and makes it easy for your company to run sustainable operations. Everything from the construction of buildings and infrastructure to waste sorting systems is carefully thought out in order to reduce the environmental impact. High ambitions to develop mass transit to and from this new city also make it easy to take public transport. The idea is that most of the 50,000 people who will be working in Airport City Stockholm by 2030 will not have to drive their car and will avoid ending up in traffic queues.


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