DRIVELAB Hotel will offer 150 rooms and be located adjacent to the DRIVELAB event hall. The conference and training hotel will be part of a cluster that is established at Airport City Stockholm and is expanding rapidly. The hotel will be placed in service during the fourth quarter of 2016.


New long-term parking facility – the beginning of a new city neighbourhood

In the autumn of 2016, construction will begin on a new exit off the E4 motorway to a modern long-term parking facility for 1,500 cars. This is the first phase in the establishment of a new neighbourhood in Airport City Stockholm.

The long-term parking facility will be certified according to CEEQUAL international environmental standards. Sustainable transport to and from the airport terminals will be provided by electric buses. The aim is to further expand service by, among other things, allowing people to check in for their flight while they are still at the car park. The new parking facility could be placed in service in the autumn of 2017.



As part of the rapid development of the DRIVELAB automotive think tank, a new event hall – DRIVELAB BIG – with roughly 1,500 m2 of space is being built. DRIVELAB BIG is a permanent conference centre and meeting place with training facilities for large vehicles. The first phase of DRIVELAB BIG will be completed on October 1, 2017.


Sky City Office One

During the summer of 2016, construction began on the office complex Sky City Office One, which is an important part of the new city. Sky City Office One will provide 100,000 square metres of office space.


US Preclearance

Swedavia has sought permission to introduce US border control at Stockholm Arlanda. US authorities in turn have chosen Swedavia as a candidate to undergo a thorough assessment. In 2019, it may therefore be possible for US border control to be introduced at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. That means you will be able to go through the document, customs and security checkpoints while you are still at Stockholm Arlanda and complete clearance before you enter the US as an arriving passenger. The result is an even smoother trip and a stronger link between Stockholm Arlanda and US destinations, which benefits leisure travellers as well as airlines and other businesses. The authorities have not yet made their final decision, but if Sweden is granted permission to introduce checks for passengers arriving in the US from Sweden at the airport, Swedavia expects that facilities can be constructed within 12-18 months.


Major new hotel

A major new hotel is planned, with a combined lobby and lounge, restaurant, bar, winter garden and roof terrace. The hotel will have 20,000 square metres of space, divided over 18 storeys and 400 rooms.


New retail area

A new retail area and a brand-new security checkpoint will be built. As a result of the refurbishment, all departing passengers in Terminal 5 will use the same security checkpoint. Passengers will get a brand-new retail area with different shopping and food options. Permanent outlets will be interspersed with seasonal pop-up shops and self-service stations.


New pier

There is a clear trend among airlines of large aircraft that can handle more passengers. The new pier will therefore be designed to handle more passengers and larger aircraft models, such as the Airbus A380. To enable the expansion of Terminal 5 and the construction of a new pier, the old airport maintenance area has been relocated and a new one is being built.