About Airport City Stockholm

Airport City Stockholm is being created with the vision of a vibrant city closer to the world – a city, given its location near Stockholm Arlanda Airport, railways and motorways, that creates opportunities for people to meet, for careers to advance and for companies to grow; a place where creativity, innovation and technology create new potential for jobs in the future as well as jobs here and now.

Airport City Stockholm is taking shape in a partnership between Swedavia, the Municipality of Sigtuna and Arlandastad Holding AB. As the owner and operator responsible for Stockholm Arlanda Airport and nine other Swedish airports, Swedavia – together with the airlines – leads the development of Swedish aviation. The company brings extensive knowledge about aviation and airport-related operations to this partnership.

Having said that, it is not by chance that Airport City Stockholm is being developed in Sigtuna. This rapidly expanding municipality offers an easy commute to attractive housing and proximity to a vibrant rural landscape. Airport City Stockholm will also provide more jobs and opportunities in the area – an excellent reason to move here or choose to remain here.

With its experience in owning, managing and developing properties, Arlandastad Holding AB is the link that completes the partnership between the three parties. Together they form a collaboration between the public and private sectors – a partnership in which know-how, experience and clear objectives provide the very best conditions required for the airport city.

The Board of Airport City Stockholm

Leif West, Arlandastad Holding, Chairman of the Board

Marie Axelsson, Sigtuna kommun

Kjell Åke Westin, Swedavia

Olov Holst, Sigtuna kommun

Karl Wistrand, Swedavia

Mats Jämterud, Arlandastad Holding